3 reasons you should get dental treatments in Vietnam

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Vietnam is a rising star in the field of dental tourism, among other countries such as Thailand, Mexico. Presently, approximately 100,000 foreign tourists travel to Vietnam each year as dental tourists. Thus, providing revenues within a range of USD 150-160 million in tourism. With millions of Americans, Australian and people from other developed economies lacking dental insurance, many have chosen to seek low-cost options abroad. In this post, I give you 3 incentives to start considering Vietnam as a destination for your dental treatment. Those are:


Many people might think that the reason why they get cheap dental treatments abroad is due to the lower standard of care.
In fact, many dental clinics in Vietnam are equipped with state-of-the-art technology from Japan, Italy, the USA.
In Vietnam, the average living cost, as well as the average salary for medical employees, and medical material and facility costs are much lower than those in Australia, New Zealand or the US. Those factors are the major cost drivers that make up good treatment costs as a whole.
Dental costs in Vietnam are about 70% lower than those in Australia and in Thailand it’s 30%. That’s what makes Vietnam an appealing destination for international medical travelers.


Cost on one side, how is the quality of dental treatment in Vietnam?
Beside the national standards that all clinics have to abide by, many clinics have gained international accreditations in the dental field, such as JCI (Joint Commission International), GCR (Global Clinic Rating), ISO standards on infection control and management system. Knowing that infection control is the biggest concern to patients from developed countries, many clinics have focused specially focused on that.
In addition, the majority of dentists in Vietnam have studied in Western, Japanese, Australian medical schools and focus on one specialty only. As a matter of fact, many patients say they can find better dentists abroad than in Australia.

Paradise for travel lover:

Vietnam is one of the most amazing countries, attracting travelers to its lush mountains, ancient towns, and gorgeous golden sand beaches. 
According to Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, there are approximately 15.5 million inbound tourists arrived in Vietnam in 2018, and Australians account for 400,000 of that number.
Aussies arrive in Vietnam to enjoy their vacations while having dentistry packages without concerning a thing on their trip.
About Author:  Ly Tran is the director of Lotus Dental Travel – a dental tourism facilitator based in Vietnam.

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