How Much Does The Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost in Vietnam?

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This guide helps you understand the cost of full mouth dental implants in Vietnam compared to the US.

Oral health status of people in the US

dental equipment - VietnamAdults and elderly people are very often affected by tooth loss. More than 36 million Americans do not have any teeth. 120 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth. And these numbers are expected to grow in the next two decades. Because of embarrassment, most people do not discuss this condition. And also, because the dental treatment prices in the US is crazily high, while more than 150 million Americans are without dental coverage. 

90 percent of those who suffer from edentulism have dentures. But conventional dentures cause bone loss and the change of the shape of your face. So the best alternative to restores your mouth, both in aesthetic aspect and functional aspect, is full-arch implants. However, the cost of this procedure in the US (Australia, New Zealand, Canada) is so high people stopped considering it. 

According to Patients Beyond Borders, in 2017 there are 800,000 Americans crossed international borders for dental care. With the development of dental tourism, now you can get a full-mouth dental implants abroad, enjoying a vacation in a tropical country like Vietnam, and actually save a fortune out of it. 

How much you ask? Read until the end of this article.

Restore A Full Arch of Teeth

If you’re facing a situation in which full mouth rehabilitation is necessary, then the All-on-4 procedure might be the perfect choice for you. In your mouth, there are 28 teeth (wisdom teeth excluded), and when they’re missing they can’t be replaced with 28 dental implants. That doesn’t work from the medical perspective and too costly anyway. That’s how the All-on-4 technique was born.

Full arch dental All-on-four or All-on-4 prosthodontic technique is also applicable as All-on-6 or All-on-8 teeth implants, in which teeth are divided into separate segments or bridges. This incredible technique can transform your life and your smile rapidly. All-on-4 helps you:

  • Restore your full mouth
  • Shorten surgical time than single implants
  • Perform the function of tooth roots and mitigate bone loss
  • Decrease the need for bone graft

Where to go for treatment

Vietnam is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most popular destinations of dental tourism, due to highly-qualified western trained dentists, modern designed hospitals and the state-of-the-art facility. Travelers to Vietnam can often find Vietnamese dental clinics with excellent dental services in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang (Hoi An), Nha Trang. Many dentists in these cities have been trained and certified overseas, and a large number received their degrees in Japan, Australia, the US, and Europe.

Especially, the dental cost in Vietnam is about 30% lower than in Thailand, and 70% lower than in the US, which makes up its competitive advantage. Moreover, Vietnam is a great destination for tourists to discover the fascinating cuisine, magnificent natural beauty, and centuries-old cultural complexities. 

3 Major Factors Affecting The Cost Of Full Mouth Dental Implants In Vietnam

Prerequisite Procedures

Dental implants require good sufficient, healthy and strong jaw bone to be conducted. If you’re suffering from bone loss, there’s a high chance that bone graft or sinus lifting surgery is necessary. Several months of waiting for the bone graft to integrate into the jaw bone shall be necessary.

Also, left damaged teeth should be removed before the surgery could begin. If there is an abscess under the tooth root, it should be disinfected and covered for healing. 

How many implants do you need for your full mouth dental implant restoration

The cost of full-mouth implants varies according to the number of implants per jaw you might need. Before you get dental implants in Vietnam, you might want to consult your American or Australian dentist. To get a treatment plan or an estimate of the number of implants. Why is that better for you?

Each person has different bone thickness and strength. Get a diagnosis from your local dentist could help you come up with the most cost-effective option and the optimal option for your requirements. 

Which type of full mouth dental implants do you need? – Snap-on Dentures, Fixed Bridge, or All on 4 implants

  • Snap-on dentures (implant-supported dentures, implant-retained dentures)

The average cost of snap-on dentures in Vietnam is around $2300 – $3600They are removable dental prosthesis that covers and rests on 2 or 4 dental implants that are placed in the jawbone.

One major difference between the two systems is that snap-on dentures can be taken out for cleaning at home, while a fixed denture is designed to stay in your mouth permanently. This treatment is also the best option for patients with significant bone loss. Snap-on dentures usually are the most affordable option because it requires the least number of implants.

  • Fixed bridge

The cost of a full-arch fixed bridge depends on how much implants you get and the restoration material of the implants and the bridges. However, the average price ranges from $7000 to $9000.

Just like normal bridges, but stands on the base of dental implants, and is connected by teeth of a whole arch.

Fixed Bridges are often referred to as hybrid dentures supported by implants or fixed teeth supported by dental implants. Commonly 6-8 titanium implant posts are required for a complete arch-fixed bridge. Even though fixed bridge is normally the most expensive procedure, it’s still the favorite option for many people, because it looks, feels and functions just like natural teeth.

  • All-on-4 implantsdental all-on-4-dental-implant overseas-dental holiday packages-dental tourism packages-dental work abroad-dental work vietnam

The average cost for a full mouth implant package generally varies from $6,000 to $9,900 for a top-notch dental clinic in Vietnam, including diagnosis, consultation, treatment, and prosthesis.

As stated above, All-on-4 is the most popular treatment for full-mouth rehabilitation. With your All-on-4 operation, your dentist can anchor the temporary denture immediately after the implant placement. On the other hand, you wear removable prostheses with fixed bridges after the operation. Then you must wait for the implants for 3-4 months before you anchor your permanent teeth.

What is the cost of full mouth implants in Vietnam?

Below are the cost of three main types of Vietnam full mouth implants. 

Price in VNDPrice in USD
Snap-on dentures52,900,000 – 82,800,000$2300 – $3600
Fixed bridge 161,000,000 – 207,000,000$7000 – $9000
All-on-4 implants 138,000,000 – 227,700,000$6,000 – $9,900


The Acrylic dentures are offered within the full arch package. Acrylic dentures are comparable in price, resist staining and don’t make noise while eating. 

But if you want your teeth to be more aesthetic, you might want to have porcelain fused titanium teeth for the whole arch, about $2,500 should be charged. 

All-ceramic crowns are the most durable, natural-looking crowns ever, and if you choose all-ceramic crowns, about $6,000 should be added. It’s worthy, though, since you’ll never feel the difference between ceramic dentures and your real teeth.

The technology behind Full-arch Implants

Before getting the all-on treatment, you’ll first undergo a CT scan, dental x-ray, or digital scan. You might also get a dental mold to help the dental bridge designers to make the most perfectly shaped bridge or bridges for your particular mouth and set of remaining teeth. A digital scan has the advantage of allowing the dental lab worker to accurately design via computer or CAD (computer-assisted design) a 3D representation of the final bridge, which can then be 3D printed then placed in your mouth post-haste. A surgical guide is 3D printed based on data obtained through CBCT with proven precision and predictability. By combining 3D planning for a double surgical guide, the All-on-4 protocol, and immediate loading implants, it is possible to increase the advantages of each one, resulting in a more accurate and safer technique with highly predictable results.

How much do dental implant costs differ between Vietnam and US/Australia?

Here’s a quick summary of the cost:

Dental Implant Costs Vietnam Cost (USD) US/Australia Average Cost (USD)
Single Tooth Implant (per tooth)                                         1,350                                                            2,500
Single Tooth Implant with Crown (per tooth)                                         1,500                                                            4,100
All on 4 implants (per arch)                                         7,000                                                          22,600
Fixed Bridge (with 6 dental implants per arch)                                         8,500                                                          27,000
Implant-supported dentures (per arch)                                         6,000                                                          16,500

To learn more about the costs of dental procedures in Vietnam check out Price list and Dental Holiday Packages.

How much can I save by traveling to Vietnam for full mouth dental implants?

If you only calculate the saving by minus the All on 4 dental implants cost in Vietnam, someone might say “Hey, you forgot travel expenses”. Okay, let us draw a specific cost scenario for you. Here’s a sample of price comparison to get full mouth All-on-4 dental implants between a Vietnam clinic and an American clinic. A client of ours has got a whole mouth restored with 4 implants while enjoying a holiday in Da Nang beach and gave us the data for this price comparison.

Common TreatmentsVietnam CostUS CostSavings
Pre-surgery Cost
CT Scan$13$350$337
Blood Test / Surgery Checkup$60$150$90
Implant Procedure Cost
10 Extractions$400$1,800$1,400
Full Upper Arch All-on-4 Implants$7,000$26,350$19,350
Full Lower Arch All-on-4 Implants$7,000$26,350$15,490
Travel Cost for Trip 1 (Implant placement)
Return flights to Vietnam$900$0($900)
7 nights at 4-star hotel$350$0($350)
Food and Travel Expenses$500$0($500)
Travel Cost for Trip 2 (Prosthesis installment)
Return flights to Vietnam$900$0($900)
5 nights at 4-star hotel$200$0($200)
Food and Travel Expenses$350$0($350)

What is included in the Full-arch Implant Package?

  • Nobel Biocare / Straumann implant system
  • Bone graft and tooth extraction if necessary
  • Examination with CT Cone beam x-ray
  • Blood test and medical checkup
  • Pre and Post-operative Consultation
  • Cleaning, scaling, and polishing
  • The All-on-4 3D surgical guide
  • Temporary restoration
  • Acrylic Dentures
  • Medication
  • Ground transportation
  • English speaking case manager 
  • Full travel assistance
  • Flights, travel expenses, and accommodation

What is the cost of a full-arch fixed bridge in Vietnam?

The cost of a full-arch fixed bridge depends on how much implants you get and the restoration material of the implants and the bridges. However, the average price in Vietnam ranges from $7000 to $9000.

Planning tips

Don’t expect one dentist to be as great as another. Although requirements are set by professional societies and accreditation organizations, compliance differs extensively. Advertisements and impressive websites are not always the best dental skill indicators.

Look for previous patient reviews, third party evaluations and don’t forget to ask for evidence of competence before you make an appointment. You pay the bill. You have the right to learn everything about the practice and experience of your dentist.

Because there are sometimes surprises arising in delays in dental job, schedule a few more days at your traveling site. Find out how many visits you’re going to need and the interval between them in advance. Ask yourself if it fits your budget to travel and save you cash in general. 


Ly Tran

Director of Lotus Dental Travel – a Dental Tourism Facilitator based in Vietnam.

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