How to find best dentists for your dental trip in Vietnam

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If you want to be successful at finding the best dentists in Vietnam for your dental holiday, a little bit of research is a must. It’s your money, your appearance, and your health at stake. Don’t worry, Lotus Dental Travel is here to assist you. We ensure you get only the best dental care, without hassles and headaches. Check out this little guide to help you find the best-suited dentist in Vietnam.

Why visit a Vietnamese dentist?

1.1. World-class dentistry with local prices

Many people from European counties and the United Kingdom can’t afford a dentist. That’s why they travel a long way to Asian countries like Vietnam to get affordable dental procedures. International dental clinics in Vietnam provide a full range of dental procedures: dental implants, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry with global standards and affordable cost.

Usually, getting a dental treatment done in Vietnam can save your bill from 50-70% for equivalent procedures in your countries. For example, a single implant in Australia costs at least about $3000, while dental implant procedure overseas, specifically in Vietnam, by a top-quality surgeon and with materials imported from world-class implants brands such as Straumann, Nobel Biocare, only costs $1500 maximum. A lot of Vietnamese dentists have extraordinarily advanced dental skills.  To explain the low cost of dental procedures in Vietnam, there is a big discrepancy in living costs, salaries for dentists and staff, education fees, service costs and facilities cost between Vietnam and developed countries.

1.2. Availability

In some countries, to make an appointment with dentists could be difficult since the dentists’ schedules are usually full. This problem could be solved when you travel abroad because most dental travel facilitators have contacts with plenty of dental specialists in the country from which they could arrange the best specialist with the best suited time to your availability. In international dental clinics, dentists could be very flexible to meet international patients’ schedules. For simple treatments such as filling, teeth whitening, scaling and planing, the patient coordinator could arrange to reserve an in-person appointment for you on the same day. For complicated procedures such as dental implants or oral surgery, you should contact about two weeks in advance. 

1.3. Hands-on experiences and up-to-date dental techniques

Most Vietnamese dentists who work for prestigious international dental clinics have graduated from the 2 largest dental schools in the country – Hanoi Medical University and Ho Chi Minh City Medical and Pharmacy University, or have undergone intensive training in developed countries. Moreover, Vietnamese dentists are well known for their practical experience among Asian countries. Besides, Vietnamese dentists constantly attend training courses to catch up with state-of-the-art techniques. In recent years, advanced dental technology such as CBCT, 3D scanner, implant planning system, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing System are well equipped and applied in these clinics than ever to ensure absolute precision and high success rate. You could easily check the clinic’s facility and doctor’s experience of working with global patients by having an online meeting with the doctor before you decide to go with him or her. 

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Differences between regular dentists and dental tourism dentist

FeaturesDental tourism dentistsRegular dentists
Patient typeMostly from US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.local patients
ExperienceHands-on experience with different types of patients from foreign countries

Well-handle different concerns of patients such as dentophobia or the concept of holistic dentistry.

not familiar with specific concerns of global patients
LanguageProficient in EnglishUse a translator to communicate with patients
ReviewHave videos and written reviews online from international patientsHave reviews from local patients
WebsiteDesigned in EnglishWebsite is in Vietnamese only
TransportationProvide support with airport pickup, and ground transportationNot provided
Preclinical evaluationReview your x-ray/images to give you a predicted treatment planOnly provide with general estimates
Insurance reimbursementProvide diagnostic results, dental records, billing information with your consent to help you claim reimbursement from the insurance company Not familiar with these kinds of paperwork
MaterialsUse universal dental materialsMaterials they believe are good

6 tips to choose the best suited Vietnamese dentists

  • Choose a dentist, not a dental facility
  • Choose quality first, cost second
  • Check the reliability of referrals
  • Check the infection control guidelines
  • Verify dental materials that dentists use
  • Choose the dentists that provide a reliable guarantee

Choose a dentist, not a dental facility

There is a reality in Vietnam that most people are appealed by well-known clinics instead of dentists. It’s mostly due to the fact that most dentists in Vietnam are organized in groups of big clinics or hospitals. And big businesses know how to position themselves as trusted groups of dental specialists with marketing campaigns such as inviting celebs to use dental treatments, establishing partnerships, running digital marketing campaigns, organizing OPD camps. 

Nonetheless, when it comes to international patients who travel for their own healthcare, the quality of treatment is simply dictated by the quality of the dentist in charge. Find out trustworthy clinics that give you detailed information about their dentists: years of experience, educational background and qualifications, reviews, before & after pictures of their patients so that you could have sufficient information to consider. You need to match the level of complexity of your case with the training and experience level of the dentist, not the clinic. Lotus Dental Travel has access to the network of highly qualified dentists in Vietnam that you can trust for your dental work.

Choose quality first, cost second

Don’t sacrifice quality over price. Ask anything you can about the quality of the dental work in Vietnam to make sure you’re having contacts of the best dentists before opting for the one with the most reasonable prices.

A saving of 70% seams appealing when you take a quick look online. But if you want to get the most value out of the money you pay, be a smart shopper. Don’t just jump in the cheapest deals you see. Check price inclusions and exclusions to be fully informed and ask yourself critical questions regarding the deal. Does the price of implants include X-rays, abutment and crown? Who is your surgeon and what is his or her background? Are there any other surcharges or unpredicted costs that you should be aware of?  Does the dentist offer a warranty policy for dental work? 

Quality should always be prioritized. Remember that even if you choose a world-class dental vacation experience in Vietnam, all travel expenses included, you still save tons of money compared to have dental work done in your country.

Check the reliability of referrals

Online reviews are very helpful for decision making and could totally increase the social proof for dental clinics. Reviews are for previous patients to leave their experiences, opinions, criticisms, comments, gratitude for the dentist. Many patients would like to read 3-star and 4-star reviews first because these reviews are usually the most helpful and constructive. 

Different review-platforms have their own methodology of collecting reviews. Some websites such as Whatclinic or TrustPilot are quite strict in terms of review verification. They would require evidence to show that the patient had experienced the service at the clinic before enabling their review. On the other hand, some websites are quite “easy-going” when it comes to reviews. Being critical about the reviews themselves would make you a wise customer.

Check the infection control guidelines

Infection control involves plenty of factors such as sterilization of dental equipment, environmental cleaning/disinfection, hand hygiene, transmission-based precautions, etc. 

Your chosen Vietnamese dentist should prioritize safety at all times. A qualified dental clinic should have both perceived quality and proof of infection control protocol compliance. International clinics in Vietnam always have private treatment rooms with state-of-the-art technologies for sterilizing equipment. Try to have a virtual tour to the clinics and you will be surprised how much you can learn about a dentist’s attention to safety details.

Verify dental materials that dentists use

Imagine buying a leather jacket. Normally, you can easily distinguish a cheap-quality jacket and a high-end jacket based on feelings when touching. Similarly, for example, not all porcelain (for crowns) are the same. Low-quality porcelain doesn’t have translucency. It would look unnatural in your mouth and make you feel insecure when smiling. 

Top dental clinics in Vietnam don’t use no-brand materials. For example, in implants, they often use universal and top-quality brands such as Straumann, Nobel Biocare, BioHorizons. These brands are FDA approved and account for two-thirds of the market shares in the US and Australia. They have proven longer-term results and much more popular than other dental implant brands. Using these brands not only assure that you are receiving high-quality dental work in Vietnam but it is also easier for your local dentist to do the follow-up care and maintenance later on. 

Choose the dentists that provide a reliable guarantee

There are 2 main types of guarantees dental clinics often offer for dental tourists: warranty for dental work and refund. In the case of post-operative complications, some clinics will give you a refund, while some clinics will correct their work but you still have to pay for the travel cost. 

Finally, remember to ask about the guarantee before choosing a clinic, to be well informed of your own rights as a medical traveler and make sure you can trust your dentist in Vietnam to stand by his or her guarantee.

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