Dental tourism: Guide to Vietnam dental implants

vietnam dental vacation

3 advantages of doing dental implants in Vietnam

There are multiple reasons for patients from Australia, US, UK to travel to Vietnam to get dental implants on a dental holiday. One of them is the low cost with the same quality of materials. Along with this competitive advantage is the remaining international-standard quality of care. Though the price of dentist in Vietnam is low, the industry has complied with many international standards. Last but not least, Vietnam is a paradise for travel lovers. With a long and interesting history, Vietnam is a place every tourist must visit once.

The cheapest cost

Vietnam dental implant costs around 1,400 USD. This price can save up to 70% in American and 50% in Australian for total treatment procedures. It includes not only the screw, but for the whole dental implant procedure: from consultation to the price of the premium screw, abutment, and full porcelain dental-supported crown. To Americans, Australians, or Europeans, $1400 may seem suspicious. However, the fact that Vietnam is a developing country with low living expenses makes the low cost for a single dental procedure normal.

International-standard quality of care

Though many people concern, Vietnamese clinics’ quality can exceed expectations of dental tourists. For instance, many Vietnamese dentists are famous for their excellent clinical skills and experience across a wide range of procedures. Dental university students in Vietnam get the chance to improve their industry knowledge and practice their skills not only domestically but also globally, due to many exchange programs signed between Vietnam’s medical university and international dental schools from Germany, Japan, China, and more. They have the chance to finish their master’s and doctor’s degrees aside from the Degree of Dental Surgery (DDS).

However, that’s not the only example of Vietnam’s quality of care in dentistry. In terms of the clinics’ service, Vietnam has received many positive comments by international dentistry forums for the high-standard service and sterilization control. Half the clinics in the top 10 Vietnamese clinics ranked by GCR Accreditation Organization are recognized by the GCR’s supervisors in the physical meeting. They also use the latest dental technologies imported from Europe and America. At the moment, almost all clinics in Vietnam use the CBCT machine, 3D scanner, implant planning software, CAD/CAM system, and FDA approved materials as standards.

The travel paradise

And finally, Vietnam is a travel paradise. Cities of Vietnam have been recognized globally for their long history story and vibe. Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is one of them. Ho Chi Minh, business and financial hub of Vietnam, has the remarkable French architecture and vibe. Aside from the two most important cities of Vietnam, there are Da Nang and Nha Trang (with the most beautiful beaches), Ha Giang and Cao Bang (the great mountains with deep picturesque valleys).

Most popular destinations to get implant surgery?

With all the evidence, Vietnamese clinics, in reality, can be compared with developed countries like America and Australia in terms of qualification and control. However, if patients want to make sure that they are doing dental implants with the best service possible, and avoid unqualified dental clinics, these are the most popular destinations to consider getting implants in Vietnam.


Hanoi is the first destination to take into consideration. Located in the capital city of Vietnam is Hanoi Medical University (HMU), the biggest and most intense medical school in Vietnam. Many leading experts in dentistry comes from HMU and are now working for the Odonto-Stomatology Hospital in Hanoi. There are also various big hospitals in Hanoi specializing in oral surgery like Hanoi Odonto-Stomatology hospital. Besides, many private clinics opened by the experts of the Odonto-Stomatology dentistry.

Ho Chi Minh City

Packages for Dental Solution in Vietnam

After Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City is the second destination in the popular list for dental implants. The city consists of numerous clinics with professional services for dental tourists, word-class facilities, imported from Europe, and provides a wide range of dental services. For people who are anxious about dentists, dental clinics in general, sedation and general anesthesia are available in more clinics than in Hanoi.

How to find and choose a reputable surgeon in Vietnam?

After finding and narrowing down the popular locations for dental implants overseas, it’s time to consider the surgeon. Some initial criteria for the surgeon are the qualification, years of experience, and the certification of being qualified for dentist practicing. Whether the dentists participate in or being a member of, the professional Odonto-Stomatology Association is also a fact supporting the reputation of the dentists.

Once you’ve known their qualification and their position in the field, the next thing is to verify those qualifications. Dental Tourism forums are always available to give detailed reviews of previous patients. Alternatively, ask for the real before-after images. Before-after images from previous patients and their treatment details are the most trustworthy, but this is in case the clinic’s willing to share them.

Take notice of the dental implant brands

Along with the importance of the clinics’ names are the dental implants brands’ names. As dental implant materials contact directly to the gum of patients, and the patients’ health, dental tourists should take into account the dental implant brands as carefully as possible. The easiest way is to ask for universal brands. As a result, patients should have regular checkups and do maintenance on the implant materials at their local dental clinic. Some of the dental implant brands that are known for manufacturing dental materials are Straumann, BioHorizon, and Nobel Biocare.

FDA approval, given by the Center of Drug Evaluation and Research, is the approval for drugs and materials that are safe to use in medical practice. Three brands mentioned above have all received FDA approval, which guarantees the safety of these brands. 

Trip length

The trip length associates directly to the length of the dental implant procedure. There are two criteria to consider when planning for the dental vacation’s length.

  • Conservation length of stay (in case of extended treatment, state of health)
  • Spare time for travel activities

The dental implant is a complex procedure. Even though the success rate has always been high in dentistry, there’s always a chance that the patient’s body reacts differently than normal and needs extend follow up.

Follow-up care

The follow-up care is necessary with every surgical procedure and with dental surgery in particular. After getting dental implants in Vietnam, the most important document is the dental record. Since you’re a foreign customer, ask them for the English version. Then forward it to the local dentist so they can have a detailed overview of your situation.

Regular checkups and maintenance are required more than anything else once you have installed your dental implant overseas. Our recommendation is to see the dentist every 6 months to ensure materials are bonding perfectly with your jawbone.


  • Be flexible in your treatment plan

While teeth whitening or veneers can be done in one visit, dental implant in Vietnam requires two sessions. In case you’re time-sensitive, dental prostheses can be done in your home country. It costs higher than the protheses, but it’s more convenient and can save hotel and flight expenses. Discuss with your Vietnamese dentist in advance about the possibilities and prepare well for different plans.

  • Remember to ask about the clinic’s warranty policy and dental insurance

Always prioritize your safety. A clinic is happy to explain thoroughly their warranty policy and answer all of your safety-related questions. We also suggest you consider some dental tourism insurance policies. Not only does the insurance help with the circumstances like your schedule is messed up, but it also helps to pay the fee for dealing with any complication to arise afterward. 

  • Get a dental tourism facilitator – they are your assistant!

Planning for a trip overseas focuses on dental treatment can be overwhelmed for everyone. However, since dental tourism is now becoming a trend for dental tourists all around the world, there are various facilitators that specialize in only dental tourism in the market for you to choose.

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