Lotus Dental Travel is the leading Dental Tourism Agency and primary provider of premium dental vacation packages to Vietnam. One of our advantages is that our company is located in Vietnam, which gives us access to the network of the highest quality dental clinics and travel service providers with the most cost-effective services:


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Our comprehensive approach has taken all aspects of your journey into consideration, which is described as the medical travel care continuum, such as the selection of the medical destination, assessment, pre-care communication, transfer of medical records, admission and post-discharge. Our objective is to maximize the quality of care as well as patient experience and to ensure our services respond to the unique needs of our traveling patients.

As your dental vacation facilitator, we represent you and your rights during your treatment journey. We fully take care of you and your accompany during your trip, arrange your transportation, accommodation, relaxation, case management or any other aspects of your trip so that the dentists can focus on fulfilling your dental treatment plan and assuring your well being during the whole treatment session. We help you prepare for your trip, explain to you in detail every step of your journey and after you come back home, we keep track of your rehabilitation.



Dental cost in Vietnam is about 70% lower than in Australia and the USA, and 30% lower than in Thailand. By opting for a dental vacation in Vietnam, you can save yourself between 50 and 70% OFF Australian dental treatment prices.

Check out the Sample Price List to have a general idea of how much would you pay for the procedure at a 5-star clinic in Vietnam. We have also negotiated with the clinics to come up with the latest Packages and Hot Deals for our customers.


It is known that dental service prices in Vietnam are of the most cost-effective services in the world. But here’s the thing about our service: We do not compromise quality. Since we understand the true value of a medical travel facilitator is its customer loyalty, quality is always our first priority. By selecting the most experienced and qualified hospitals and surgeons, we make sure that our customers receive the same level of quality you would expect at home.

Most of the hospitals we recommend are ISO 9001 accredited or Global Clinic Rating TM accredited – which represents the international standard for quality assurance in healthcare. This is equivalent to the same level of dependable quality in Western countries, including the UK, US New Zealand, and Australia. We also publish transparent, detail-oriented Profiles of top quality dental clinic in Vietnam so our customers can have a comprehensive look on the quality of Vietnam dental care.

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