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dental implants overseas

Location: 60 Quang Trung, Vạn Thắng ward, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa province.


“Viet Han Dental Clinic” has been working in Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province, Viet Nam since 2017, offering a full range of therapeutic, orthopedic and surgical dentistry services for individuals and organizations customer.

The dental clinic is running by a team of more than 22 dentists, led by senior professionals, who have many years of clinical experience.

With modern facilities and equipment, the clinic is one of the leaders in dental technology. The clinic applies top-notch technologies in diagnosis, treatment and cosmetic dentistry such as CAD-CAM technology, Design Smile design technology.

The clinic’s building has totally 6 floors. There are 3 Treatment Room floors with 8 chairs, have a cozy atmosphere and follower, plants inside, plus comfortable light, pleasant music, free cake and drinks for the patient’s relative waiting. To help patient reduce the stress of going to the dentist of customer. There are Nutrition at clinic and Resting area at clinic.


Located in Nha Trang coastal area, just several minutes walking to the sea, Viet Han dental clinic is definitely a good choice for beach bums. From the clinic, tourists could walk to many attractions, restaurants, shopping centers in the city without getting a sweat. The clinic is also near to plenty of beautiful hotels, ranging from middle price to luxury ones.

Languages spoken

English, Vietnamese



Hanoi – Sydney dental clinic’s principal area of expertise is tooth replacement with dental implants. We employ only the world’s leading implant systems, including Straumann , Nobel Biocare and Dentium.  These implants are available all over the world, which simply means a local dentist can conveniently work with your implants for a routine check up and maintenance.

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average length of stay: 7 days

Stage 1: Implant surgery

Approximately 7 days of stay is recommended. However, depending on your requirements we might be flexible on planning your stay.

  • First Visit: Oral Examination, X-ray, and Consultation
  • Second Visit: Surgery to implant the artificial root. (Implant Stage 1).
  • Third Visit: Observe wounds for 1 week. If the healing is good, you can fly home and wait for Stage 2 (around 3 – 6 months). If the healing is not good, a fourth visit will be required.

Stage 2: Prosthesis placement

After the healing process for 3-6 months, you may choose the second trip to Vietnam to place the prosthesis, which lasts for 3 days. Or for your own convenience, you might have it done in your own country. In that case, we’ll forward your dental records to your local dentist.

prices (USD)

From $900

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The types of crown available include porcelain fused to metal (standard, semi-precious or high-precious alloy) as well as ceramic crowns from Venus, Roland, eMax, Lava, Cercon and Nacera.

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average length of stay: 4 days

The time required depends on how long needed to manufacture the crowns in the laboratory.

prices (USD)

From $43 to $259

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is used to save a decayed tooth. It involves removing damaged or infected nerves and tissue from the root of the tooth. It usually associates with crown attachment after the treatment to protect the vulnerable tooth.

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average length of stay: 5 days

It depends on the severity of the infection and the number of roots. The medicine might be put into the root canal and takes time to come to effect. Some patients need 2 or more appointments to cure the root and one more to have a custom crown fitted.

prices (USD)

From $22 to $31

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is safe for dental health, does not harm tooth enamel, and does not change tooth structure if done properly. Especially, getting teeth whitening in Vietnam could save you 50% of the cost.

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average length of stay: 1 day
prices (USD)

From $43 to $130

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Tooth filling

Different types of dental filling are Tooth-colored Composite Fillings.

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average length of stay: 1 day
prices (USD)

From $10 to $15

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Dr Dang Duy Ton - Best dentists in Vietnam

Dr Dang Duy Ton

Career highlights:
  • Graduated from Can Tho Medical University
  • 9 years of practical experience
  • Completed Orthodontic course: Continuous straight wire technique from Ortho Organizers Inc
  • Completed Cosmetic Restoration course from Hanodent
  • Specialty: Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Orthodontics, Restorative Dentistry
languages spoken:

English, Vietnamese

Vietnamese dentist

Dr Maryluce Nogueira

Career highlights:
  • Graduated Dental surgeon from Federal University of Minas Gerais
  • 22 years of practical experience
  • Specialty: Dental surgery
languages spoken:

English, Portuguese

Dr Urmanbet ove artur - Vietnamese dentist


Career highlights:
  • Graduated from Kyrgyz – Russian Slavic University, Faculty of Medicine
  • Completed post-graduate education in clinical residency from Kyrgyz
  • State Medical Institute of post-graduate training and continuous education
  • 5 years of practical experience
  • Specialty: General dentistry, Oral surgery
languages spoken:

English, Russian

Dr Tran Tu Oanh - Vietnamese dentist

Dr Tran Tu Oanh

Career highlights:
  • 5 years of practical experience
  • Graduated from Moscow State Medical and Dental University A.I. Evdokimova
  • Specialty: Prosthodontics, General Dentistry

Vietnamese, English, Russian

Dr Ho Minh Duc - Vietnamese dentist

Dr Ho Dinh Duc

Career highlights: 
  • Ho Chi Minh city University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Member of HSDI – Ho Chi Minh City Society of Dental Implantology
  • 3 years of practical experience
  • Attend to Korean Implant master course
  • Completed Implant Course from National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Specialty: Implant Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry
languages spoken:

Vietnamese, English

Dr Tran Thanh Khiet - Vietnamese dentist

Dr Tran Thanh Khiet

Career highlights:
  • Graduated DDS from Vietnam Military Medical Academy
  • 11 years of practical experience
  • Specialty: General Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Orthodontics
languages spoken:



Very professional and modern dental clinic. Staff courteous and friendly and the receptionist spoke excellent English. Prices are very affordable. Recommended!

Eric / Canada

The clinic is very professional and delicate, Vy advised me very enthusiastically in detail. The clinic is clean, before I had had dentophobia, but after experiencing the team of doctors here. They pay much attention to the patients’ feelings during the treatment. I am very reassured vs my fear of dental clinic no longer exist ^^. I will definitely recommend this clinic to my friends and relatives.

Nam Anh / Vietnam

Enthusiastic staff and thoughtful advice. Results as expected

Didi / Vietnam

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