Vietnam is Looking to Overtake Thailand in Dental Tourism

dentist vietnam explaining dental procedure - vietnam dental work

According to the International Medical Travel Journal, each year 5.5 million health tourists travel abroad for medical procedures, with the estimated value of travel expenditure of 10 to 15 billion dollars. Dental procedures have always ranked as the top procedures global patients travel overseas for.

For over two decades, Thailand has been one of the world’s first choices when it comes to dental treatments. Yet, the country has been overlooking its neighboring rival. Vietnam has taken its medical tourism industry to the next level.

Countries like Australia, the US, New Zealand are always countries with ridiculously high dental costs for patients of all ages. Since dental procedures demand high costs and require long waiting time, people from these countries prefer to travel to other countries to get affordable dental care. It helps them to have a wider range of affordable restorative treatments and an amazing vacation.

Cost-efficiency of dental care in Vietnam

Dental tourism patients who travel to Vietnam can often save up to 70% of their treatment. That’s because of low living standards. Average dental costs in Vietnam are about 70 percent lower than those in Australia and 30 percent lower than its neighbor Thailand, which makes up its competitive advantage in the field. 

A paradise for travel lovers

Vietnam is hands-down one of the top travel destinations in Asia. It attracts travelers with mountains, ancient towns, and gorgeous golden sand beaches. According to data from Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, there are approximately 18 million inbound tourists arrived in Vietnam in 2019. And the growth rate doubles each year.

International clients travel to Vietnam to enjoy the landscapes while having dentistry packages without concerning a thing on their trip. From the tropical coral reefs of Nha Trang to the northern mountains of Sa Pa, travel to Vietnam is one of the most adventurous yet culturally empowering experiences you can have in the world.

The emergence of dental tourism facilitation companies

There are a handful of medical tourism companies in Vietnam. One example of such facilitators is Lotus Dental Travel. Found in 2018, the company saw an exemplary growth within a short time. International patients who opt for dental vacation packages by Lotus Dental Travel can benefit from 5-star services including airport pickup, hospital transfer, personal interpreter, hotel booking, and many more. Such services help patients to save money and enjoy the peace while opting for medical treatment in a foreign country.

The future of dental tourism in Vietnam

The dental tourism industry in Vietnam has seen rapid growth in the past decade. The number of cross-border patients is rising at a fast pace. Moreover, the rivalry between Vietnamese dental clinics and dentists has resulted in advancements both in technology and service quality.

Besides the national standards that all clinics have to follow, many clinics have gained international accreditations in the dental field, such as JCI (Joint Commission International), GCR (Global Clinic Rating), ISO standards on infection control and management system. With its competitive pricing and tourism advantages, Vietnam is a rising star in the field of dental tourism.


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