Vietnam dental tourism market on the rise

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1. Vietnam Dental Tourism Statistics and Prospects

Statistics with remarkable numbers

More and more tourists are interested in Vietnam dental care services which make the country become one of the most attractive destinations for medical patients. In the year 2017, Vietnam welcomed more than 80,000 international tourists. They spent about $2 billion for health check-ups and treatment in total, Vietnam Investment Review says. 

Affordable procedures, relatively top-quality medical service and marvelous tourist attractions are driven-key to attract more medical tourists coming to Vietnam. Vietnam’s medical tourism expects to have a threefold increase in arrivals from 2008 to 2018. 

Compared to Vietnam, India has become one of the biggest markets in the medical tourism industry in the world. This market’s annual growth rate is 15.6 %, contributing 6% of the total GDP of India, according to the International healthcare research center. The non-stop development of India shows that the medical tourism industry has a lot of potentials. Vietnam, with the current advantages, will thrive more significantly in the future. The result of the Vietnam Investment Review has shown that the country’s medical sector grows 18% to 20% per year. 

Promising prospects of Vietnam in Dental Tourism Market

Dental tourism is a key factor of medical tourism in Vietnam due to the increase of dental experts and the affordability of dental procedures. If there were just a few dental materials providers in Vietnam 10 years ago, the number of providers has increased up to hundreds until now. Most dental materials used by first-class hospitals are directly imported from developed countries that own state-of-the-art dental manufacturing technology such as the United States, Switzerland, and Japan. When it comes to choosing a dental clinic in Vietnam, the bottom-line price is not the main key. Criteria of dental clinics are the top priority of dental tourists. Understanding the concern of international patients, many dental clinics in Vietnam are accredited by GCR (Global clinic rating). 

Despite some aspects needing improvement, Vietnam dental tourism has made significant progress in the last ten years to become a fully promising market. We aim to become a completely professional dental tourism destination, compared with top dental tourism providers in the world.

2. Lotus Dental Travel – The #1 dental tourism facilitator in Vietnam

Seeing a promising prospect of the medical tourism market, Lotus Dental Travel has become the pioneered Dental Tourism Facilitator in Vietnam. We provide premium dental vacation packages to our country. Since our company is located in Vietnam, we have access to the network of the highest quality clinics and travel services provider with the most cost-effective service. We focus on the primary-purposed customer segment rather than travelers in Vietnam.

With the motto: “We don’t compromise quality”, quality is our priority. We always select the most qualified hospitals and surgeons so as to meet the level of quality you would expect at home. Most of the hospital we recommend are ISO 9001 accredited or Global Clinic Rating ™ accredited. There are some high-quality clinics in Vietnam such as Hanoi Sydney Dental Clinic, I-dent Dental Clinic, Rose Dental Clinic…Most of the dentists here have received international education and intensive training overseas from countries having advanced dental technologies. 

What are the services we provide for dental tourists?

Our role is a facilitator, which aims to ensure our services respond to the unique needs of our traveling patients:

  • One-stop solution: You can see our service as the medical travel care continuum. Our objective is to take any aspects of your journey into consideration. We help you prepare for your trip, explain to you in detail every step of your journey. We also keep track of your rehabilitation after you come back home. 
  • Relationship management: We assist the communication between you and your doctor. Our objective is to reduce complications as much as possible and represent your rights. Besides, if you need dental record forwarding, paperwork or insurance claim, we are here to help you. 
  • Travel and logistics support: We advise you of the possible offers and plan your dental vacation according to your requirements, budget, and long-term treatment goals. Our patients’ coordinators are available anytime to help you with the accommodation, flight, and service booking, translating and case management. 

What can we offer for our partner clinics?

  • We provide you with full access to our Customer Success Team who will support you. Besides, you will receive Better Quality patient prospects. 
  • Since we are experts in digital marketing, we can provide you with promotional opportunities on our marketing channels. Your clinics will be featured on our Website, leading to a lot more Exposure & Visibility on the page locally & internationally to grow your business. Therefore, you can reach out to the international market. 


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