What should I eat after implant surgery?

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On the first days after the implant surgery, it’s very important to provide yourself with the nutrition your body needs such as protein, minerals, and vitamins to gain strength and boost the implant integration and fasten the healing process. You should avoid any foods that may physically disturb the implant. As your implant becomes stronger you could gradually progress into solids and eventually normal food. So in the first days, here’s what you need for healing:

  • Soft food and drinks should be consumed to avoid any discomfort during eating and protect the affected areas
  • Foods containing protein such as eggs, fish and seafood, finely chopped meat, dairy products
  • Keep hydrated is vital to your immune system and overall health
  • Fruits and vegetables are very helpful to your recovery, melon, berries, banana and other soft fruits would be good choices
  • Avoid hot or spicy food or drinks to prevent bleeding or swelling
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages

Our dentists provide you with necessary and useful medical advice for the healing period after the intervention of dental implants. Inform the dentist about your special diet or personal requirement if there’s any before the surgery so he or she can give you specific advice.


About Author:  Ly Tran is the director of Lotus Dental Travel – a dental tourism facilitator based in Vietnam.

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